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About the artist

            I was born in Lviv and grew up among the green of native Pohulianka and the botanical gardens of Lychakiv. Felt the atmosphere of postwar Lviv, the missing of the parents, who were affected by the war. My hometown defined not only my world-view, but also my professional destiny.

A person always grows up from his childhood, from created in his youth attitude to other people, the history and culture of native land. Thus since my childhood I remembered gardens in blossom, rushy and overgrown with water lilies lakes in the beech expanse of native Pohulianka, the exotic verdure of botanic garden and picturesqueness of Lychakiv cemetery.

I got interested in landscape painting thanks to school Literature teacher Ivan Yatsyshyn, who led a painting circle on the amateur basis. He was the first person who showed me the path to painting and introduced the art of Ivan Trush, Anton Monastyrskyy, Olex Novakivskyy to me and inspired me in my desire to see, feel and paint the world around me.

Studying in the college, and then at the institute I didn’t quit the landscape painting and it became my life direction. I work in the easel painting genre.

My studio is the streets of Lviv where I feel sharper the melody of colours, the rhythms and spirits of canvas, its composition.

Lviv is an architectural pearl, which glitters with the diversity of forms and epochs. The artist can depict the cathedrals, churches, palaces, historically important streets, streams of tourists and also show the invisible common Lviv secluded corners, where are hidden the colouristic and mysteries of many Lviv families. I like drawing Lviv panoramas. But now it is more difficult to choose standpoints, because mostly everything is private and it is not so easy to come up the roof or someones terrace. It is necessary to draw the city. A lot of privatized buildings of different architectural stiles have lost their identity, disappeared so dear to me cracked old chipped walls with greenish spots of moss, dark brown roofs with figured chimneys and Lviv cobblestones. The owners rebuild and finish building, warm and everything is done on their taste, braking only Lviv canons and as a result my native old Lviv is disappearing.

             After having purchased an interesting book called “1243 Lviv streets”, I got interested in it and began painting the series of Lviv courtyards. Painting the courtyards, I communicate with inhabitants and feel their warmth and attention to own houses, and also get the invitations for tea or coffee.

I always think of my teachers such as Teophil Maksysko, Stephan Kostyrko, Taras Drahan, Volodymyr Ovsiychuk, Volodymyr Cherkasov with great honour, they who laid the strong professional foundation for lots of artists.

At the opening of the first personal exhibition Volodymyr Ovsiychuk, Doctor of Art Studies, said: “Mr Pavlo found a great path and he will definitely come to people!”

Being inspired with the art, I often repeat that the nature can’t be learned out of the window of the apartment, it can be felt only in the free, loved in the open country field, on intoxicating grass and Lviv cobblestone road.




The artist Pavlo Fediv